Meetings at which a group of people make an apocalyptic mess whilst engaged in intensive creativity.
Mixed Media Collage Taster Course - £35.00 per person.

Most of us have dabbled with collage at some time, but take it to an exciting new level with this fail safe workshop! In her taster course, Tania will provide you with everything you need to create a colourful, contemporary collage using the simplest of materials. You will learn how to transfer a design onto canvas, select your colour palette and apply your materials for the best results. Subject-matter is provided, but be warned, the technique is quite addictive and if you wish to branch out with your own designs you are most welcome to book in for an advanced session. The course is suitable for children provided they are accompanied by an adult, but requires dexterity and uses sharp scissors so is not suitable for young children. Courses are usually arranged on Saturdays at 12-4pm, but please contact Tania if you prefer another time.

Depending on the speed that you work, you can expect to complete one approx. 25cm canvas using paint, drawing materials, a selection of collage materials and glue, plus a full colour image is provided to work from as your starting point. The process will fill the whole four hour session and you may find you need to finish your piece at home, however, if you are a particularly fast worker there will be extra canvasses available at no extra charge. Groups are a maximum of 6 people so Tania can work closely with you to achieve a great result - feel free to bring your friends along or celebrate your special ocassion! Tea, coffee and squash are provided in the studio, but you will need to bring your own lunch. There is free parking and a cafe on site, plus ten other studios and free entry to the Red House Glass Cone visitors centre in the historic Glass Quarter, Stourbridge.

Advanced sessions are run at the same price, but you will need to bring a canvas of a size of your choice and your own subject-matter and Tania will lend her expertise to help you produce your masterpiece!

Tania can also cater for larger groups, e.g. schools and social organisations by coming to you. Day rates start at £200. There may be an extra charge for travel and materials depending on the size of your group. Participants can make individual canvasses as described above, or a large group is a great opportunity to create a mural on a theme of your choosing (see photographs below). Please contact Tania to discuss your ideas.