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This is me at 4 years old with a determined look on my face. 

I am significantly older now.....but my determination has not faded!

Aside from a brief childhood flirtation with the idea of being a boxer, or perhaps a farmer, I am lucky to have had a natural aptitude for art.

I've always known I wanted to be an artist and resolutely followed that path. 

I have always made things and always will as long as I am able which means I never get bored and which has provided a fun, fulfilling, authentic and unorthdox life!

How to build an artist..

My Story:

Early signs...

I made all sorts of things as a child - drawings, puppets, mobiles, soft toys, dolls clothes, mud pies, outdoor dens, wildlife ponds, all with a sprinkle of the avant-garde. No pretty pictures of flowers for me, I drew mythical beasts!  Mud pies were artfully garnished with seeds, soft toys were personified oddities; when our sunken garden became flooded and filled with newts I was knee deep and in my element! 

I was born on Hallow'een, which might offer an explanation. 


As I grew I spent many hours building with Lego, which I credit with my construction and spatial awareness skills.  I spent a lot of time in my room listening to the radio and playing with materials which is pretty much what I still do today.

Sealing the Deal:

In 1985, when I was 12, we moved to a new area and I chose my new school solely on the merit of it's art department.  I always checked the car park on arrival for my art teachers vehicles, because if I got to do art, I knew I was going to have a good day.  They seemed to like me too because my GCSE sketchbook was used to teach the A-Level students which was both flattering and embarrassing!  When I came to choose Art for A-Level, that sealed the deal, I was committing to being an artist.  I was the first student in my school to go to Oxbridge which merited a cheesy photo on the schools wall of fame, and following my Foundation Course I completed a Fine Art degree at the Ruskin School, Oxford University.  My art education was an excellent grounding and even if an artist is self taught, it's beneficial to have an understanding of established techniques and an awareness of art history in order to make good original art.  Once you have learned what the controls do you have the freedom to off-road and create something that has never been invented before!

Where's the manual??

Contrary to popular belief, being an artist is not an easy option.  Unless you have funded yourself with a secondary occupation or you are singled out by the art world as special, it's tough to carve out a niche and earn a respectable income.  There was no professional development at that time and social media was just creaking into life.  How on earth was I going to make a living?! As it turned out I learned as I went along and tried a bit of almost everything, which has vastly added to my knowledge and experience.

Early on I applied my drawing skills to become a Caricaturist Entertainer on the London circuit, which sent me to glamorous venues and had me mixing with the stars!  The part time nature of this allowed the rest of my time to be spent making art.  This was done at home but soon I needed a studio upgrade so I approached some institutions and was shortly resident artist at first at a school and then a college of further education who gave me wonderful large rooms to work in in exchange for assisting students.  During this time I was exhibiting my work in London and surrounds. 


After a brief spell working from home again this time in a home built studio, the opportunity arose to relocate and given that prices for retail spaces were much more reasonable in the West Midlands I took the plunge and in 2008 opened my own gallery!  This has proven both rewarding and challenging so over time the gallery has adapted to combat the various perils that threatened to derail it and today it is comfortably nestled at my home.  This arrangement allows me the freedom to make plenty of work to supply galleries and shops. as well as get out and about to art and craft shows around the country.  The gallery is open to visitors, just book an appointment, or join my mailing list to find out where I will be exhibiting next.  If you are geographically challenged but are craving the authentic gallery experience I have created my V.I.P. Lounge on Facebook where you can hang out and be part of my mysterious behind the scenes activities!

What does it all mean?!

The art I make is the sum of my experience without which I would just be making art with a small "A". 

My unconventional approach comes from being born on Hallow'een.  My rapport with nature stems from a childhood messing around in the family garden.  I have a lifelong fascination with what materials can do from the imaginative ways I entertained myself as a child.  I have traditional skills from training at art school coupled with natural flair and not to forget, a well developed sense of humour from my time as a caricaturist.  I didn't appoint myself an artist, it was a natural evolution.

You will find the products of my personality here.  The work represents a lifetime of creative investigation and I try to offer pieces that are inventive, humorous, involved, attractive, well made and nothing you have seen before.


Time For Some Unorthodox Art Therapy!

Art has been a constant in my life when other things have not.  I'm not a therapist or a mystic but I am quite sure it can focus your mind away from your troubles for a while and even be a mechanism for overcoming them.  And if you're really miffed it can be a great vehicle for exorcising those demons in a peacful way! 

At it's core, it can simply put a smile on your face!

If you would like to sample a bit of what I have learned and what art can do for you, you can come along with me by

following the links below.

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Earliest Recorded Artwork
(After Pollock)


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.