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Learn to make your own posh paper mache!

  Would you like to learn how to make sculptures just like this for yourself? Here I share tutorials for actual pieces that I have designed and created. I will show you my own tried and tested techniques and original designs for you to create at home.  Select from fun and easy projects to more ambitious sculptures using readily accessible materials.  Once you have recreated a few designs following instructions you will find that this will give you the tools to be able to build pretty much anything!  Not sure how to get started?  If you would like extra help you can follow me at (insta) for free tips about making or if you would like personal tutoring make a booking to come and work with me in person.

Make your own paper mache sculptures using my printable templates which come with full instructions.  Watch the videos and visit my blog for demo's and tips.

Add imagination to make them unique to you!

Easy Projects


Beetle Mini Sculpture £15.00


Flying Swallow £20.00

Bat 1.jpg

Wall hanging Bat £9.00