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Kinfayre Walks

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

The West Midlands is wonderful! I'm a tiny bit late to the party - mainly because I was running my gallery in Bridgnorth 10 miles away from home for the first eight years that I lived in the West Midlands, which were then followed by some other shenanigans - not forgetting a pandemic - but the time has come to really appreciate where I live! From our house, we have beautiful views of the countryside across to our local village of Kinver (or Kinfayre, Kinfare, Kynfare, Chenfare, Chenavare or Chenafare!) and once you have negotiated the rather busy A458 that separates us, it's possible to escape on foot down a bridle path to the beautiful countryside and farmland right on our doorstep.

Around about 2010 I began making my collages featuring the best bits of Bridgnorth to turn into postcards by popular request of my gallery customers. Having been pulled in different directions creatively since then it is long overdue to renew this project and celebrate the best bits of the region as a whole that are still beckoning, starting with where I actually l

There are lots of interesting gems in Kinver for great walks including the river Stour, Staffordshire and Worcester Canal and Kinver Edge with it's famous rock houses in National Trust land and it's hidden hill fort.

The surrounding countryside is also stunning and provides plenty of subject matter for collages of the landscape itself. It has quickly become addictive to take one to two hour strolls out to take photographs, make sketches and affirm the senses and if the walk turns out to be longer there is plenty of fayre in Kinfayre to sample and re-fuel with!

Keep an eye out for new work coming this year as I have oodles of inspiration to work with!

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