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Porthmellon Beach Isles of Scilly

Updated: May 9, 2023

Porthmellon beach is the next beach along from Town Beach on the island of St. Mary's, part of the Cornish archipelago that form the Isles of Scilly in the U.K. It is north facing and the panorama includes the now uninhabited island of Samson behind which the sun sets, often spectacularly, every evening. It is one of my favourite beaches on the islands (although it is difficult to choose), because of it's incredibly fine soft white sand which sparkles with quartz. The beach is also very shallow so makes for paddling and swimming safely, as I did there as a child, and if you are more adventurous is a centre for water sports including sailing, wind surfing and kayaking . If you are a beach comber the shallow bay also throws up interesting finds in stormy weather. It is also home to The Beach restaurant, aptly named because it is quite literally on the beach allowing you to dine with uninterrupted sea views.

I have taken thousands of photographs of the islands over the years, but one of my favourite viewpoints in the Scillies is a point just up a small hill as we walk the couple of miles into town from The Palms - originally our grandparents house - where we stay when visiting the islands. Just before you reach the main town on Telegraph Road almost opposite the Island Carriers that was for many years run by my Auntie and Uncle, and just before the all important dairy, where you could once treat yourself to an ice cream cone with clotted cream and a flake there is a gap in the foliage which frames Porthmellon Beach perfectly. If you are lucky enough to visit the islands at the right time this view is alight with colour from, not only the bright sunshine but multiple sub-tropical plants in bloom.

I have been planning to create some collages of the Isles of Scilly for many years but other matters have pulled me away, but this year we hope to have The Palms fully renovated and ready to receive self catering guests and so I have the perfect excuse to make some art to bring interest to it's walls. Porthmellon beach is the first of what I hope to be many canvasses of Scilly to follow. I have collected a great deal of collage material from the islands itself over time and these lend themselves perfectly to the task of evoking the richness of the subject matter and it's inhabitants. Keep an eye on my blog to see new work as I progress with the collection and if you are visiting the islands you can find my sculptures at Gallery Tresco.

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