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Super Swallow Fun Freebie

Updated: Jul 1

Try making posh paper mache at home! I have created a simplified Swallow design that you can make with simple materials and equipment lying around the house.

I frequently get asked how I make my sculpture or if I do workshops, but the methods that I use are sculptural and quite complex and so not suitable to make unless you have a dedicated studio or messy space and more heavy duty equipment to hand, however some of my smaller original designs lend themselves to creating instructions for a few easy projects that can be made at the kitchen table!

You'll need to gather together some cardboard, glue, scissors, paint, newspaper, a bowl, spreader (blunt knife), pen, paintbrush, water and some sort of kitchen mixer to make you paper mache mix. To keep things user friendly I recommend you use traditional paper mache like you made at school, with flour to create a paste.

Follow the short video instructions below to see how your Swallow can be made! For a more in depth method you can find full downloadable instructions with a printable template below. If you like this look out for my other fun freebies and more complicated posh paper mache designs that you can buy and download. Never be bored again!!

Super Swallow Fun Freebie
Download ZIP • 1.29MB

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