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It's Time for Tea Towels!

Updated: Feb 9

Everybody loves a tea towel - right? Or if you don't actively love them, they come in handy for drying your dishes. Sometimes it's just nice to brighten up your kitchen with some art in a useful guise! It might be my age, but I have a growing collection of tea towels that worries my husband slightly - some vintage ones that used to belong to my mother, some souvenirs from the Isles of Scilly and Mary Shelley's House of Frankenstein (I'm a Hallow'een baby...) and some arty ones from fellow artists, all of which serve to give a little peak of interest to my day that a plain white dish cloth just couldn't do!

You can now indulge your own passion for tea towels by adding to your collection with a selection of my cheerful designs that I have had printed on lovely crisp cotton for your pleasure. Originally my collages were created for printing as postcards for visitors to my shop in Bridgnorth, and so many of my designs are not quite the right shape for reproduction as tea towels so I have picked the five most fitting and popular designs to begin with and have a few more suitable candidates from my existing work that I plan to offer for 2024.

The designs currently available are Big Daisies, Fish 'n' Ships, The Bridge At Bridgnorth, Town Hall with Foxes (Bridgnorth) and The Bonded Warehouse (Stourbridge), pictured above.

The images are digitally printed on white half Panama cotton, hemmed, with a hanging loop and measure approximately 45cm x 68cm. They come packed in a cello bag to keep them nice and pristine until you are ready to use them. Currently, I am only producing them in short runs of 50 (10 x of each design) so they are available on a first come first serve basis. Be one of the cult elite and impress your friends with a Tania Holland Gallery Tea Towel draped from your oven doorhandle (also suitable for framing if you are so inclined)!

In the meantime, you can watch this compelling video of tea towel folding.

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