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A Peek at Posh Paper Mache from the Past...

Making Posh Paper Mache is an art, not a science, however the designs that I make undergo development as I progress with my techniques and ideas.  Particular Posh Paper Mache pieces may start looking a little dated in style, perhaps they do not fit neatly into a collection or I feel need changing to make them better and so revisit to produce an updated version.  At other times, they may just prove to be unpopular, encounter logistical problems or I make improvements to the construction; certain materials may become unavailable rendering designs obsolete or I just go off them a bit!


You can find my archived pieces here so that you can still see them alongside explanations of why they have been consigned to the annals.   I no longer offer them on general sale but if there is a particular piece from my archived work that you would like me to recreate this is usually possible as a commission, so please get in touch.

Cock au Van posh paper mache sculpture created by Tania Holland


This handsome chap has too many extremeties on his carefully sculpted head and tail making him a bit of a liability in the post.  I have also since improved my leg/foot design for greater strength.  I made two this way and plan to make a more simplified

version in future.

Adder posh paper mache sculpture made by Tania Holland Gallery


Now, I thought this adder was good looking and hilariously funny (it has numbers on's an adder, right?!), but it seems that more people than I imagined are scared of snakes - even paper mache ones.  I still have two in stock looking for their forever homes!

Tortoise posh paper mache sculpture made by Tania Holland Gallery


I liked this young man, but have only made one so far.  I think his legs are too long and need simplifying and his shell needs to be much larger for comedy effect.

Large Bee posh paper mache sculpture designed by Tania Holland

Large Bee

I can easily create more of these large scale bees however I concluded that the smaller version was more cute and it was was also more popular with customers.

Swan posh paper mache sculpture made by Tania Holland


I only made this one majestic Swan but plan to make more with an improved body structure.  I might try one with feet and one without...

Penguin and fish posh paper mache sculpture made by Tania Holland
Snails posh paper mache sculptures made by Tania Holland Gallery


I'm still making snails but the design has changed a litte.  Now the underbodies are more sculpted and wider for greater stability and I use bendy wire for the eye stalks to make them more expressive.

tree frog posh paper mache sculpture made by Tania Holland

Tree Frog

The legs on this little guy were a fiddle to sculpt and quite frankly, he just wasn't my favourite.  If I make him in future the body will be sculpted but not the legs.

Penguin and Fish

My penguins were popular and I made quite a few of these.  I'm a bit dubious about the body shape which is a little bottom heavy (although I could try adding feet) and whilst the addition of the fish is highly amusing I wasn't sure about the wire attachment aesthetically.

Badger posh paper mache sculpture made by Tania Holland


This badger was a nice idea but has a slightly unnatural pose (as a result of trying to make him fit a standard size for posting) and needs a complete redesign.

Pigs posh paper mache sculpture made by Tania Holland


My little piggies were adorable, but far too heavy.  I have a couple still hanging around, but I'm designing some smaller, simpler, more lightweight versions.

Mother Hen posh paper mache sculpture made by Tania Holland Gallery


I had terrible trouble with my chicken legs for a while...  I made chickens with legs, without legs, wooden legs, legs with toes, legs without toes, legs with seperated feet and feet joined together.  I tried soldering legs, glueing legs, carving and cutting legs.  There were strong legs, weak legs, wobbly legs.  I even approached a blacksmith to make me some legs, but that wasn't cost effective!  And you can't just buy chicken legs off the shelf! Furthermore I made legs for big chickens, little chickens and chickens in between.  I finally decided that chickens looked best life sized and with some legs (unlike this one) and eventually arrived at my best leg design.  Enlist in the Ministry of Mixed Media to gain access to all my chicken leg secrets!

Octopus posh paper mache sculpture made by Tania Holland


This cool customer has been a roaring success and many have been sold through Gallery Tresco.  I use scrap metal composite board to achieve the curves and my stockpile is running low so he is off the menu for the time being until I can

source some more.

Flying duck posh paper mache sculpture by Tania Holland

Flying Duck

Flying Ducks are fun!  However I've moved away from making pieces that hang on the wall in favour of proper free standing sculptural pieces so I haven't made any of these in a while.

Lizard posh paper mache sculpture made by Tania Holland Gallery


Like the frog, this one is a bit fiddly around the legs as well as being designed to hang on the wall, which I'm not really into any more.  An inner voice is also telling me that it's only proper to stick to making creatures found in the U.K. but don't ask me why and I can't promise to honour that! 

(I really fancy making a tiger...!)


Part of the wall hanging collection, this Koi is perfectly pretty, maybe a little too pretty and not silly enough for me, but something about hanging my paper mache sculptures on the wall demotes them to decor rather than sculpture, which hurts my delicate artistic sensibilities. 

And we can't have that!

Koi posh paper mache sculpture made by Tania Holland

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