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Proper Art

Peruse My Paintings!

Amusing acrylic paintings on canvas and paper.

My creative friends sometimes call me a "proper artist"...  I'll take that, thank you, because  - despite the humour in my work - I am sincere about what I do. 


I studied art up to degree level which involved many hours of life drawing plus an eductation in art history and "became" an artist as soon as I left university.  I was steered into sculpture at art school, which has mostly been my primary specialism, however I also love to make paintings.  For many years I supported my art practice with a side hustle as a Caricaturist Entertainer at swanky London events, which fitted around studio time and was pleasingly lucrative!  The observational skills required for this tells you everything  you need to know about about the character I bring to my creations today.

I have finally shed the doctrine that I should to be a "serious" artist and now happily bestow personality and a distinct demeanor onto all my creations which gives all my work its undeniable attitude.  My paintings serve as studies and ideas for my sculpture and vica versa and the more amusing they are, the better - if they make me chuckle to myself, then hopefully they will have the same effect you!


Foxes and Flowers


Blue Tit

Acrylic on Canvas


Acrylic on Canvas

Great Tit

Acrylic on Canvas


Palms with Sparrows

Acrylic on Canvas

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