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Individually handcrafted from salvaged materials.

Posh Paper Mache

Bring delight into your life!


I create posh paper mache that will make you smile, individually hand built from scratch

using salvaged materials and my own mixed media assemblage.

Each is designed to amuse and uniquely endowed with character plus a nod to the odd using

snippets of decoupage from magazines.

I'm a Fine Art Sculptor/Painter (turned mixed media maverick)

with a penchant for alternative materials.

Far removed from conventional balloons covered in newspaper,

I make fabulously fabricated luxury sculpture!


Visit the Ministry of Mixed Media to discover guidance and know how from my lifelong experience as an artist with

free resources for makers available in my Blog.

Posh Paper
Mache Products...


free postage on all made to order sculpture link to shop
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Magpie Mixed Media Freestanding Paper Mache Bird Sculpture Ornament Decoration
Pheasant Mixed Media Paper Mache Bird Sculpture Ornament Decoration
Fox with Flower posh paper mache sculpture bought from Platform Gallery in his new home in Clitheroe

I felt I needed to get in touch to let you know how much I love your paper mache animals. We bought the fox from Clitheroe gallery a while ago and yesterday I couldn’t resist the large chicken sculpture ( and even convinced my husband who now loves it).

I’m sure these won’t be my last purchase.

Thank you Gill and Stephen

My sculptures are individually hand crafted using non-traditional materials and a variety of techniques that are a result of years of creative ingeniousness! ..Which in combination create surprisingly solid, substantial feeling and delightfully tactile forms.  Customers are often curious as to how they are made.  In brief, each piece is built in multiple stages beginning with salvaged materials to create a skeleton and newspaper to add bulk.  Features such as ears, whiskers and antennae are added using wire and wood.  The form is sculpted using a paper mache mix that I have adapted to my own recipe.  After a few days drying time the piece can be painted and then decorated.  Because each sculpture is unique the final look is subject to which materials I have available at time of creation. A coat of varnish gives them a protective layer and I am currently testing my sculptures for life outdoors. Find out more about life in the studio by reading my blog as well as free guidance and resources from the Ministry of Mixed Media!

Tania Holland Gallery learn how to personalise your art piece at no extra cost

WOW! We are over the moon! It couldn’t be more perfect!! 


Thank you again for all your hard work and being so helpful! 


K. Smith - Scilly Cow Commission

Scilly Cow outside Gallery Tresco.jpg
Scilly cow in Scilly.jpg

Scilly Cow created for Gallery Tresco, Isles of Scilly.  Read about it in my blog!

Your Sculpture

If you would like your posh paper mache sculpture personalised for a present or for your shop or gallery, or want to have a go at home, watch this short video to see how it's done.

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