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Conventional art has it's place, but I think it's more rewarding to be unusual!

Are you tired of seeing the same sort of art wherever you go?

I create posh paper mache pieces that will make you smile, individually hand built from scratch

using salvaged materials and my own mixed media assemblage.

Each is designed to amuse and uniquely endowed with character plus a nod to the eccentric using snippets of decoupage from magazines.  Find one off and made to order pieces in the TaniaHollandGallery shop and sign up to my mailing list to stay in touch with exhibitions and new work.

Top Cat paper mache sculpture
Bee paper mache sculpture
Starfish paper mache sculptures

My sculptures use non-traditional materials and a variety of techniques in combination to create surprisingly solid, substantial feeling and delightfully tactile forms.  Pieces are made in multiple stages beginning with salvaged wood or composite board to create a skeleton along with structures such as ears and wings, plus recycled newspaper to add bulk.  Larger pieces are made from hollow forms to reduce weight.  Steel rod is used for legs and to strengthen extremities and thinner wire creates whiskers and antennae.  The form is covered with a paper mache mix using the same newspaper, this time shredded.  After a few days this surface dries hard so that the resulting piece is quite robust and can be sanded to allow layers of colour to be applied in acrylic paint.  I then add entertaining or personalised clippings of collage from old magazines for decorative effect...and sometimes a sprinkling of subversive humour! Dimensions and posture varies between individually handcrafted pieces and the final look is subject to decoupage materials available at time of creation. Sculptures are protected with varnish but their lifespan will be ephemeral if displayed outdoors.

Great Tit paper mache sculpture
Greenfinch paper mache sculpture
Bullfinch paper mache sculpture
Blue Tit paper mache sculpture
Chaffinch paper mache sculpture
Sparrow paper mache sculpture
Goldfinch paper mache sculpture
Robin 2.jpg
Ringed Plover.jpg
Cactus Wren and Cactus Mixed Media Sculpture

Cactus Wren on Cactus

Mixed Media Sculpture


Chicken Paper Mache Sculpture
Seagull and Chip Paper Mache Sculpture

The work shown here is made to order.  To order please visit the shop.  

Look out for one off pieces that are also available in the shop!

Scilly Cow outside Gallery Tresco.jpg
Scilly cow in Scilly.jpg

Scilly Cow for Gallery Tresco, Isles of Scilly 2018