Love Bird  £12.00

Spelling Bee  9x10x6cm  £9.00     

Robin  £12.00

Starfish 16x16x6cm  £9.00

Snail Space  11x10x7cm  £15.00

X Mouse  12x15x6cm  £20.00

Butter Fly 10x12x3cm and Clothes Moth  13x11x4cm  £9.00         

Fly in Duck  41x26x6cm  £80.00

Toucan Tango  38x18x7cm  £60.00

Love Bird  15x31x14cm  £30.00

Mag Pie  38x41x9cm  £40.00

Adder  43x20x15  £80.00

Fly in Pig  46x31x15  £200.00

Octopuss  £400.00

Fly in Fox  £500.00

Tania's sculptures ​are created using salvaged materials and her own paper mache recipe. 

Follow links to the online shop for available pieces.

You can also find Tania's work at selected stockists around the U.K.


Lounge Lizard  32x16x5cm  £30.00

Seagull  £80.00

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