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The Bridge at Bridgnorth.jpg

Contemporary Collage

Bridgnorth Collection -

Celebrating Bridgnorth's

Best Bits!

Contemporary Collages

I have been creating collages using recycled newspapers and magazines since 2008 and whilst my paper mache sculpture has now become my main emphasis I still add to this body of work when an interesting subject beckons!  Although most of the original canvasses have been sold, many of the images are still available to buy as prints and cards plus selected gift-ware from the shop.

Low Town Bridge Wix.jpg

Bridgnorth Collection

Celebrating Bridgnorth's Best Bits!

In 2008 I relocated to the West Midlands from the London area to open my gallery in Bridgnorth. 

A petite half timbered building just along from the top end of the Cliff Railway became home to

Tania Holland Gallery.

Soon, because of it's location, customers began asking for postcards of the local area, and naturally I obliged!  This quickly became an extensive project and I set about creating a depiction of every significant sight in the town.  Local publications were regularly delivered through my door and so I started to use these to collage into my paintings, literally adding part of the town into the images, giving them extra character and a personal touch!


This collection came to life between 2008 and 2016

and remains available to customers as open edition prints, cards, card gift packs and sometimes tea towels, available from the shop.  There are currently 22 designs to choose from and every so often I add new a piece where inspiration strikes so keep your eye peeled!


Low Town Bridge Wix.jpg


Bridgnorth is a pretty market town in Shropshire which is home to a large number of historic buildings and places of interest.  Once a busy river port which gave rise to many inns and ale houses, steam locomotives were built locally including the famous Catch Me Who Can.  It was twinned with Thiers, France in 1978 and later twinned with Schrobenhausen, Germany in 1992.  The town is home to Englands only inland Funicular railway and rumour has it that military plans for the Nazi invasion of Britian showed Hitler intended to make Bridgnorth his headquarters!

Underdog with signature.jpg
Underdog card image.jpg

Wordplay Menagerie

Prints and cards from my punny designs!

Have a chuckle at my punny

mixed media collages which were brought into existence to complement my sculptural work.  Combining my love of humorous wordplay and animals, there are 28 designs to choose from mostly featuring animals, but also

with a few random additions!

This collection was created between

2016 - 2019.

This collection is available to buy as

high quality Giclee prints, greetings cards, card gift packs and selected tea towels from the shop.


Underdog with signature.jpg

West Midlands Collection

A growing collection about the

wonderful West Midlands where I live!


I have now set up my gallery at my home which is about half way between Bridgnorth and the Black Country.  The West Midlands is awash with sometimes hidden historical gems and beautiful places of interest, so I felt it would be rude not to salute what is nearby as a bit of a personal exploration of what is around me.  Extending as far a Coventry, I'm also including a generous chunk of Shropshire in my definition! 


This collection began life around about 2018 and I am gradually adding a selection of wonderful sights from around the region

immortalised in collage!

Visit the shop to view available original collages

This collection is also available as

high quality Giclee prints, greetings cards

and selected tea towel designs


The bonded warehouse watermarked.jpg

*****   Beautiful Artistry.  Brought wonderful nostalgia to a place close to our hearts.              Nameer - The Bridge at Bridgnorth Print

Underdog with signature.jpg
insta post.jpg

Isles Of Scilly

I'm 50% Scillonian, so it's only natural

that I make some collages about it!


Not the island near the foot of Italy, but the archipelago of islands off the tip of Cornwall...the Isles of Scilly are a sub-tropical paradise with an abundance of wildlife and more picturesque views than you can shake a stick at!


I gathered an armful of collage material from the islands and dipped my toe into this collection about the same time as my work on the West Midlands - around 2018 - but it is very much in it's early stages.  New work coming along slowly..!



Oversized Prints

Got a big space to fill?
print 2_edited.jpg

Standard print sizes to buy from the shop are 12 x 16 inches or 12 x 12 inches, but you can have larger prints made for you on request to fit virtually any space!  They are printed on the same high quality Photo Rag paper with every detail crisply reproduced, just get in touch with your required dimensions to order.

Northgate Shops Oversize Print

Customer Comments

*****   Exceeded my mum's expectations! 

She got a little bit of home :)

Daniel -

Town Hall With Foxes Print

Town Hall with Foxes with signature.jpg
The Bridge at Bridgnorth with signature.jpg

*****  Beautiful artistry. Brought wonderful nostalgia to a place close to our hearts. Customer service was excellent, keeping me informed throughout.

Nameer -

The Bridge At Bridgnorth Print


My parents bought us this for a special anniversary and it has pride of place in our family room.


Low Town Bridge, Original Collage -

Faye, Bridgnorth

Complementary Giftware

Tania Holland Gallery wordplay menagerie animals  greetings cards multiple designs £3.50 per card free delivery
Wordplay Menagerie animals Christmas and Birthday greetings card gift card multi pack

You can buy cards locally at Whitburn Coffee House, Bridgnorth and Grandad's Attic in Stourbridge.

The majority of my collages are available to buy singly as greetings cards or in packs of cards and I have reproduced selected images as tea towels and coasters!  I also run collage workshops on request at my gallery at home.

More Bridgnorth Shenanigans..!

Bridgnorth Art Trail Catch Me Who Can sculpture trail commission Bridgnorth Shropshire

My locomotive design for Bridgnorth Art Trail as featured on the front page of the Bridgnorth Journal. 

Find it at Bridgnorth Severn Valley Railway station.

Tania Holland Gallery gallery space shop retail and exhibition space 2008 to 2016 7a Castle Terrace Bridgnorth Shropshire

Tania Holland Gallery began life in Castle Terrace, Bridgnorth

2008 - 2016. 

View a nostalgic video of the gallery in HERE.

Trueman Breweries, London

British Craft Trade Fair BCTF Tania Holland Gallery Stand 2018 Mixed Media Sculpture and Collage
British Craft Trade Fair BCTF Tania Holland Gallery Honey Bunny contemporary collage projected onto Trueman Gallery entrance
British Craft Trade Fair Brick Lane London Tania Holland Gallery Honey Bunny mixed media collage pasted onto Trueman galleries entrance

My Honey Bunny collage adorning the main entrance Trueman Breweries in Brick Lane,

London to advertise the British Craft Trade Fair along with my stand at the show!

I offer free resources, guidance and tricks of the trade for makers plucked from my life long practice at the

Ministry of Mixed Media!

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