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Defunct Designs

Updated: Jul 1

A Peek at Posh Paper Mache from the Past...

I wanted to share some of my older pieces with you which show how my sculpture evolves over time. The designs that I make undergo development as I progress with my techniques, ideas and wild ambitions.  Particular Posh Paper Mache pieces may start looking a little dated in style - perhaps they do not fit neatly into a collection or I feel need changing to make them better somehow and so revisit to produce an updated version.  At other times, they may just prove to be unpopular with customers so they are discontinued, or encounter logistical problems or I need to improve the construction in general.  Sometimes certain materials may become unavailable rendering designs obsolete or I just go off them a bit and want to try something else! At the moment I am looking to create more one off pieces, with less emphasis on repeatable designs, to offer more creative freedom and so that you have a chance to own something totally unique!


Below are some archived pieces alongside explanations of why they have been consigned to the annals.   I no longer offer them on general sale but if there is a particular piece from my older work that you would like me to recreate it may be possible to do so, so please get in touch.


This handsome chap had a lot of extremeties on his carefully sculpted head and tail which made him challenging to ship safely.  I have also since improved my leg and foot design for greater satisfaction.  I made two Cockerels with this method but new streamlined versions of large cockerels have now flown in!


Now, in my opinion, this adder was good looking and hilariously funny (it has numbers on's an adder, right?!), but it seems that more people than I imagined are scared of snakes...even paper mache ones. 

I still have one snake in stock looking for its forever home so please contact me if you are not fearful of snakes!


This good looking guy had potential, but have only made one so far.  His legs are too long and unweildy and need simplifying and stylising some more. Also his shell needs to be much larger for comedy effect I think!


I only created this one majestic Swan but may make more with an improved body structure.  The intended effect was that he was floating on water but next time I think I also need to add feet!


I sometimes still make snails but the design has changed a litte.  Now the underbodies are more sculpted and wider for greater stability and I use bendy wire for the eye stalks so that they can be more expressive.

Big Bee

The smaller versions of my bee design is more popular with customers and make great gifts, and so the large version became outmoded, but you can try making this large bee at home.  Find the pattern, how to video and instructions are available on my Blog page!

Penguin and Fish

My penguins were popular and I made quite a few (as seen on the promotional banners for "Crafted For You!" exhibition at Worcester Museum and Art Gallery 2022).  Aesthetically, I was a bit dubious about the body shape which is a little bottom heavy and the wire attachment of the fish. I've now added feet and popped the fish on top of the penguin's head, which is much better!

Tree Frog

The legs on this little guy were quite time consuming to sculpt so he was not cost effective to make and sell, but you can have a go at making him yourself.  Find the pattern, a how to video and instructions on my Blog page!


This badger was a nice idea but has an unnatural pose (as a result of experimenting with making him fit a standard box for posting). I have since redesigned it as a small "maquette" but now need to scale up to a more lifelike size.


These little piggies were adorable, but rather heavy so I plan to design some smaller, simpler and more lightweight versions.  I have two old school versions loitering in the studio so do  Get in touch if you would like to own one!


I had terrible trouble with my chicken legs for a while...  I made chickens with legs, without legs, with wooden legs, legs with toes, legs without toes, legs with seperated feet and feet joined together.  I tried soldering legs, glueing legs, carving and cutting legs.  There were strong legs, weak legs, wobbly legs.  I even approached a blacksmith to make me some legs, but that wasn't cost effective!  And you can't just buy chicken legs off the shelf! I finally decided that chickens looked best life sized and with some legs that I designed myself and eventually arrived at my best leg design which I will share elsewhere in my Blog. 


This cool customer has been a roaring success and I have sold many Octopuses via Gallery Tresco.  I wondered if his sunglasses were just a tad too silly, then decided that I loved them! I use scrap metal composite board to achieve the curves and my stockpile is running low so he is off the menu for the time being until I can source some more.

Goat and Bee

My gorgeous goat has been personally delivered by me to Cupola Gallery in Sheffield in the hope of being rehomed!  It's a bit of a trek to Sheffield from the West Midlands so in future I plan to make more easily postable versions...


Like the frog, this one is a bit fiddly around the legs.  I have mostly stuck to native animals so far but it may be time to branch out into the exotic a bit more (because I really fancy making a tiger...!).

Find a Fun Freebie Luscious Lizard you can make at home on my Blog Page!


This Koi is perfectly pretty, but maybe a little too pretty and not absurd enough for me so I am thinking about my next move. I'd like to design some tropical or deep sea fish when I get the time...


This chunky kitty was fun to make and was snapped up in an instant, but it took rather a long time to get its sculptural form right while I was making it.  Cat's throw more shapes than Madonna, so (even as a lifelong cat owner) it's challenging to arrive at a convincing cat body, but pussycats will be definitely be making a reappearance in my repertoire the not too distant future.

Porpoise & Starfish

A Playful porpoise with a Starfish friend.  This is an example of a one off piece. My intention is to make more unique pieces - maybe next time a whole Porpoise and not one poking out of the "water"...

Whale & Starfish

My wonderful Whale also looks as if he is bursting from the sea and, like the Porpoise, spouts a Starfish from his mouth - I may add a tail to him to make him more magnificent! 

Fox & Flower

This funky Fox and Flower deservedly found a new home with some lovely people in a place not far from Clitheroe.  As you may have seen, I have been testing my work for longevity outside and so future foxes will be made with less vulnerable additions and extremeties for strength outside in the inclement weather!

Visit the Ministry of Mixed Media to discover guidance and know how from my lifelong experience as an artist with free resources for makers available in my Blog.

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