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In Person Workshops!

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Spend a few hours learning with in my home studio and gallery!

Now I have to confess, that my studio and gallery was once a (double) garage before I appropriated for my own artistic purposes, but as you can see from the photos it has brushed up quite nicely! I am hoping to open it up on a more permanent basis, but in the meantime I am offering availability to work with me in in-person workshops at my home or if you just want to have a look around feel free to book an appointment for a visit. Some dates will be available to book by following the link above or contact me to arrange a bespoke date and time to suit you. I am currently running an old favourite - the "Creature Collage Workshop" - in which you can immortalise a pet or something more exotic using paint and pieces of paper and I have just added a new class - "Bostin' Buildings Collage Workshop" - which also does what it says on the tin! You may want to capture your home or have a shop, pub or place of historical interest that you would like to create a mixed media masterpiece of instead. Tell your friends and also have a look through my website for inspiration as to what you could create (it's fun to insert photos of family members or pets to personalise your picture for instance). If this all sounds like too much work don't forget I take commissions and can make one for you instead! Read my guide to commissioning here. Please note, my space is a little limited so I can only fit up to three people (plus myself) without things becoming cramped. If you were hoping to learn how to make paper mache sculpture with me, I'm afraid that because of the relative complexity and drying time of the sculptures it's not possible to teach this in workshop form. I have however added four fun freebies to my blog page giving you some easy mini projects to make at home and will be adding some downloadable patterns and instructions for more ambitious sculptures that you can create at your own pace. If you would like to go into more depth please register your interest in the Ministry of Mixed Media where I will be offering mentoring in the not too distant future!

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